Singapore Fintech Festival 2017

Off to the second Fintech Festival in Singapore! An exciting trip as this is a trip of firsts for me. First time at an international Fintech conference, first time in Singapore, and first time traveling without my wonderful wife since we were married.

I have lots of hopes for this trip, mostly to see what exciting opportunities are out there, and especially in financial inclusion. I have lately been thinking of how to begin something great – something limited only by imagination. As I fly on AirAsia, I am struck by their simple tag line.

Now Everyone Can Fly.

How great and simple, yet how much adventure and exotic promises it holds. AirAsia opened travel to a whole range of people in ASEAN. Why can’t we have an equally open and inclusive banking proposition for, well, everyone.

Now Everyone Can Save.

I would love to make this a reality for ASEAN, with a simple proposition of free savings accounts and very low (if not free) investment and retirement options. Combined with a great multi currency and remittance service, I am confident we could create a winner.

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